8ball: Sound Incredible

8ball, a world-class spatial microphone is now available.

The 8ball is a patent-pending omni-binaural microphone that comes with companion software to provide a seamless workflow from on-set recording to content delivery. 8ball delivers truly immersive spatial audio, and sounds incredible.

It requires 48v phantom power and works with any 8-channel field recorder. The microphone comes with a premium 6’ Mogami multi-channel snake which terminates in micro-XLR on the microphone-end and standard male-XLR output connectors.

The 8ball and accompanying core-suite software workflow has been designed and developed through an extensive beta programme with VR filmmakers and content producers from across the audio and film communities. The applicational opportunities for this microphone have continually been presenting themselves and yielding excellent results across mediums and disciplines.

+ Easy To Use

The 8ball has an easy release, self-centering mount – a simple clamp fastens 8ball to the camera stand and releases quickly making set-up a snap. It fits with a wide range of tripod sizes, mounts out of view of the camera, but centers on the camera’s point of view to accurately capture audio.

+ Seamless

The 8ball companion software is a full end-to-end workflow solution that allows you to deliver to multiple channels. Recordings from the 8ball integrate seamlessly into common post-production environments via AAX, VST, AU and Unity Plugins. The 8ball produces non-synthesized spatial sound in a format that works natively with Samsung Gear VR, Unity, and the HEAR360 iOS app and web player. With Hear360’s conversion tools you can adapt mixes easily for publishing to YouTube, Facebook, or any other FOA platform.

+ Holographic

With the 8ball, you can capture the world in a new way. Omni-binaural recordings capture the nuance and detail of our three-dimensional world providing content creators an uncompromising sound field to sculpt from.  Combined with Hear360’s core-suite of software and head-tracking, we’ve created an opportunity for creators to develop an immersive audio experience that is nearly indistinguishable from reality.

+ Demos

We’d be happy to give you a demo and show you what the 8ball can do. It is a world-class microphone and the sound it delivers is incredible, on any type of production. In the meantime, pop on a good pair of headphones and have a listen:

  • Hear what it’s like to be in the middle of the audience at a big music festival. This is Major Lazer with 360 spatial audio recorded with the 8ball, a lightweight field recording solution with exceptional results – no board mix, additional sweetening or effects added. (Click to play)
  • Listen to country star Jason Aldean perform at the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin, Texas. This is a great example of a stadium mix being merged with spatial audio captured with the 8ball. (Click to play)


Already convinced and want to pre-order? Go here and use the discount code GRAYSONX to get an additional $50 off the price.