Our mission is to make music that matters to people

Be An Original

Writing original music is what we excel at and what excites us most. It’s what we live and breathe. For us, composing music is not a solo act. It’s a collaboration of ideation. We are a network of talented and passionate writers who band together to create pieces of well crafted music.

Artist Collaborations and Licensed Music

Bring life to your project with a licensed track or an exclusive artist collaboration.

We give you direct and first access to passionate groups of artists and producers in writing rooms in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

We can also license any known track or create an original cover through our team of supervisors who have decades of experience licensing music for all media.

The Music Assembly

Grayson’s unique music library platform featuring exclusive, hand-crafted and pre-cleared music for brands, visual content and elevated experiences. Engage one of our music directors to select tracks based on your brief, or get access for your team to search the library directly.


Who is in our band?

Musical chemistry is important because there’s a language to music and to speak it needs great artists working together. For 20 years, we’ve attracted the finest talent in the business. Writers, producers, engineers, and  sound designers are all members of our band. They have one job – to make songs that connect with our listeners.

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