Our people are the company, and we have some of the best minds in the business. Grayson Music is comprised of songwriters, producers, directors, engineers, experimenters, organizers, overseers, renegades and outliers. We all share a passion for music and emerging technology, which results in work that is innovative and unique. Our culture is founded in collaboration and mentorship. This is  how we bring music to life and life to music.

At Grayson Music Group, we are committed to building a production and creative community that is rich in cultural diversity, equitable by design, and intentional about representation. These tenets underscore the collaborative efforts of our teams and are reflective of our approach to innovation. With a focus on social justice, our hiring and business practices aim to build greater inclusion alongside all of our communities.

Director Series

Abel Lulseged

A&R/Music Supervisor - Grayson & The Music Assembly

Amelia Robitaille

Sync & Publishing Admin Coordinator

Andrew Austin


Alison Carter

Business Manager

Ali Willa Milner

Music & Voice Director

Asha Dillion

The Wilders - Exec. Prod

Alyssa Erwin

Production Administrator

Ben Swarbrick

SFX Designer

Brian Bernard

Engineer/Music & Voice Director

Bridget Flynn

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Cobain

Music & Voice Director

Chris Masson


Clare McGonigle

Associate Producer/Social Engagement

Dave Sorbara

Founding Partner

Eric Hulme


Ferdinand Wilhelm

Media Services

Igor Correia


Jeff Milutinovic


Kelly McCluskey

Executive Producer/Partner

Kevin MacInnis

Media Services Coordinator

Marcello Favia

A&R & Publishing Manager

Mark Domitric

Music & Voice Director/Partner

Matt Raitt

Client Reception & Service

Michael Bisanti

Media Services

Myron DeSouza

Director of Finance

Nicholas Shaw

Senior Producer

Niki Thay

Jr Engineer/Media Services

Pamela Brennan


Ryan Kondrat

Music & Voice Director/Partner

Rich Hamilton

Artist. Visionary. Enigma.

Sarah Griggs

Business Affairs & Partnerships

Sharon Yokoyama

Senior Producer

Tatán Gejtman

Music Director

Tom Westin

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Tyson Kuteyi

Music & Voice Director/Partner

Vlad Nikolic


Warren Bray

Music Supervisor

Zach Anderson

Casting Director