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Experiential is the future of sound. It lives at the intersection of innovation, art and technology. It allows creative thinkers to build audio-rich immersive environments. And empowers us to push the boundaries of what sound can do and take spatial audio experiences out of the studio and into the world

Spatial Audio

Through the latest spatial audio technology we empower artists and sound designers to create high-end immersive audio experiences. Our tools and expertise help us ignite the imaginations of listeners in exciting new ways and bring film, gaming, events and concert experiences to life in ways never before imagined.

Collaborative Innovation

Our creative process is a journey of discovery. Through collaboration we challenge each other to innovate and invent creative solutions for ground-breaking, industry-leading new sound technology. If we don’t have the technology, we have the minds needed to create it. This includes leading the industry in live 360 ̊ broadcasts, interactive 4D content and virtual and augmented reality.


Live 360°

Total Media VR specializes in the production of live multi-camera 360° video. David Robinson shares insights on 360° / VR broadcasts and live 360°.

The Importance of Spatial Audio

HEAR360 founders Matt Marrin and Greg Morgenstein discuss the inner workings of spatial audio and the HEAR360 8ball omni-binaural microphone.

The Future of Sound

Immersive technologies can transport human beings pretty easily. Realising how easy it is to take someone’s brain and convince them that they are doing something else, are somewhere else or feeling something, is pretty powerful.

8ball: Sound Incredible

The 8ball is a patent-pending omni-binaural microphone that comes with companion software to provide a seamless workflow from on-set recording to content delivery. 8ball delivers truly immersive spatial audio, and sounds incredible.

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